Presidents Corner




SAFV, 2019


On behalf of our General Assembly, Cinaplexx Blue Devils, Langenthal Invaders, Monthly Rhinos, Riviera Saints, Solothurn Ducks and Zurich State Spartans - our newly elected members - "Welcome to SAFV"! 


Last moment changes in the final planning stages prolonged the finalization of our 2019 schedule.  As you know, the board is working hard behind the scenes with you to finalize our 2019 season and publish our official schedule for 2019.  Thanks to you, we have accomplished that goal and have finalized our schedule.  All teams were involved, so please check with your team representatives for details until we can post the official schedule for Men's NLA, Liga B and Liga C as well as for our U19 Competitive and U19 Recreational Leagues on SAFV's official website.


The post-season championships can now begin to develop further.  SAFV is accepting sincere bids for hosting the 2019 Swiss Bowl XXXIV.  The date will be Saturday, 13 July 2019, as agreed at the last Presidents Conference in August 2018.  Conditions as stipulated in our 2019 Budget and approved at SAFV's Delegiertenversammlung in December 2018.


I am looking forward to watching the teams play football and wish you health, strength and victories.  Train hard and play smart!  


Glenn Chase

President, SAFV