Mutual statement

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We; Ceská asociace amerického fotbalu (CAAF, Czechia), Magyar Amerikai Futball Szövetség (MAFSZ, Hungary) and Schweizerischer American Football Verband (SAFV, Switzerland); declare, that none of us will play any game against Russia in 2023.

We unequivocally reject the unprovoked invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine, and will not compete in any international games against Russia in the foreseeable future in any location.

Hungary will not play against that team in August 2023, neither loser of Czechia-Switzerland matchup will in October 2023. No matter if at home, if away, if on neutral soil. Nowhere and under no circumstances.

We will not play any game against Russia and we do not wish to continue to be a part of a group which includes such a team. We therefore request IFAF to change subgroup A3 into three-team format competing for 9th, 10th and 11th rank of European Championship 2023. This three-team subgroup would be played in round-robin format in the same manner as during the course of 2022.

We propose that all games would be played in October 2023. We also offer IFAF the possibility to propose an alternative solution which does not involve any competition – friendly or official – with Russia. We are happy to review any new group structure or scheduling proposals that IFAF can suggest to help us resolve this issue without suffering automatic forfeits against a team that we refuse to play against for ethical reasons.

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