New Headcoach U19 National Team

2 ans
Dennis Oppermann

Dennis Oppermann – New Headcoach U19 National team

The SAFV is pleased to announced that in the person of Dennis Oppermann, a new Headcoach for the U19 National team could be found.

Besides being an active player for many years (mainly for the Freiburg Sacristans, Germany), Dennis Oppermann has been coaching for many years.

His coaching career started off as a defensive coach for the Freiburg Sacristans Juniors. He quickly also became part of the coaching staff of the U16 and U19 Auswahl Baden-Württemberg and the U17 Auswahl NRW Greenmachine.

His journey brought him to Switzerland as the Headcoach of the Langenthal Invaders in 2021. In 2022 he will return to Germany as the Headcoach of the Stuttgart Scorpions.

The SAFV is convinced that Dennis Oppermann is the perfect fit for the position of the Headcoach of the U19 National team and is looking forward to work with Dennis.

The SAFV wishes to thank Dennis already for all his work and enthusiasm he is willing to put into the Swiss U19 National team.

Dennis Oppermann