American football player tackles the opponent, the referee looks on attentively.


Keeping an overview together

In american football it can often become quite confusing, therefore, an entire team of referees is keeping an eye on the game. A referee team usually consists of five people, each of whom is assigned a specific area and tasks.
One is responsible for timekeeping, others mark important spots on the field. To penalize fouls, yellow flags are thrown onto the field, which are also part of the referee’s equipment.


In the midst of action

Do you have a strong sense of justice, a quick perception and strong nerves? Then the exciting and versatile job of american football could be a new challenge for you. In the graphic below you can see what is necessary to become an A-League referee (International).

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Penalize everything?

No, because before you start, you will receive intensive training from experienced referees from the SAFV referee training department. After the two-part course you are well prepared for your first assignment. In addition, you will always be on the field with an experienced referee crew.

The referee career is possible for everyone from 18 years of age.

If the challenge of refereeing appeals to you, please contact us at:

Football Player with there National flag before Game. Refrees waiting in the middle of the Field.


The courses take place in the sports school Magglingen (BASPO).

Dates referee courses 2024

12.01. – 14.01.24
A-Course (German)
19.01. – 21.01.24
B-Course (German)
01.03. – 03.03.24
B/C-Course (French)
02.02. – 04.02.24
C-Course (German)
09.02. – 11.02.24
D-Course (German)
27.01. – 28.01.24
D-Course (French)
27.01. – 28.01.24
E1-Course (German)
27.01. – 28.01.24
E1-Course (French)
10.02. – 11.02.24
E2-Course (German)
24.02. – 25.02.24
E2-Course (French)

E-level courses (E1 and E2): For everyone that is interested and for new referees.

Both dates are mandatory for the new referees.

The registration is made directly by a member club of SAFV:

Application deadline 31.12.2023

Minimum age 18 years