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American football is known for its sporting and social values, which are implemented and represented by the coaches, the staff and the athletes on and off the playing field.


Youth development forms the basis of national popular and competitive sports through the implementation of the following principles:

  • Possibility to practice the sport regularly, independent of external influences such as gender, life circumstances or language
  • Early talent development through regular and standardized processes in the field of competitive sports
  • Maintaining and constantly improving the quality for the promotion of young talent through training and qualification of staff and coaches
  • Steady increase in the attractiveness of the sport through sustainable investment in infrastructure and offerings for the area of popular sport
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Y+s: american football

What is Y+S in American Football and what does it stand for?

The mission of Y+S (in general) is the following (content from BASPO):

  • establishes and promotes sports suitable for children and young people
  • enables children and young people to experience and participate in sports in a holistic way
  • supports the development of young people from an educational, social and health point of view

The target group of Y+S are persons aged 5 years (children’s sports) to 20 years (youth sports) and the referring institutions (schools, municipalities, popular sports institutes).

All contents of operational action at Y+S are based on the FTEM-Modell of Swiss Olympic, whereby Y+S focuses on the first levels of the model (basics and talent).

You can get an overview of Y+S on the website of Y+S and by watching the following video files:

Get an insight into the development of American football as a Y+S sport.

The current Y+S courses can be found here.

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50 years Youth and Sport! Congratulations!

Get an insight into the development of American football as a Y+S sport.



MS-Sports introduces flag football in their polysportive camps all over Switzerland.

We need you to support and expand this cooperation and flag football.

You can find the dates and locations of the camps on the official website of MS-Sport.

If you would like to support any of the camps, please use the form below to let us know.

Spring camps 2023:


Summer camps 2023:


Fall camps 2022:


Important information for supporters:

  • Y+S certification is desired but not mandatory.
  • There are no costs for the supporters – the coaches are compensated for their efforts and the expenses are paid by MS-Sports.
  • Flag football camps are organized according to the availability of the coaches.
  • Flag football and the supporting clubs are promoted via social media.
  • You can promote your club during the camps with flyers or business cards.