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The Schweizerische American Football Verband (SAFV) is the umbrella organization for tackle and flag football in Switzerland. It is a member of the Swiss Olympic Association and the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). 

The SAFV was founded on December 26, 1982 as the Swiss Football League in Lugano. The first president, Massimo Monti, was a former player of a Milan team and at the same time founder of the now defunct Lugano Seagulls. At first, the Seagulls played only against Italian teams. But with the creation of other clubs in Switzerland, the first Swiss championship with eight teams took place in 1986. A year later, the association was renamed the Schweizerische American Football Verband. 1987 was also the first year that Swiss clubs participated in European competitions. Two years later, in 1989, the SAFV was accepted as a member by the Swiss Olympic Association.

In 2003, SAFV became a member of EFAF, the former European American Football Federation, and IFAF (the world governing body).

In 2012, the Calanda Broncos were the first Swiss team to win the biggest European American football competition (at that time the EFL). Due to the dissolution of the EFAF in 2014, the SAFV joined the new European American Football Federation, the IFAF, for the 2015 season.

Today the SAFV has approximately 2’500 licensed players, coaches, referees and team personnel and supports a variety of categories; tackle, flag and youth.

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Claudio Spescha

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Andres Trautmann

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Head OF Finance

Chris Rummel

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Head of Flag Football

Jessica Klostermeier

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Head of Tackle Football

Michel Strähl

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Head of Marketing & Communication

Gleb Iatsenia

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Dominic Baumgartner


The strategic management of the SAFV is the responsibility of the Board, which is elected annually by the assembly of delegates from our members. The Board is under the direction of the president Claudio Spescha and is comprised of a total of six members. The legal department of the SAFV is attached to the board as a staff unit.


The office was introduced in 2021.

It is responsible for the operational management of the SAFV.

Cedric Arnold SAF cut
head of Player Development Flag

Cedric Arnold

Association Secretary


Head of Player Development Tackle

Chris Rummel

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Head of Football Operations – Flag & Tackle

Sophia Haller

Sascha Gaveau
Head of Youth & Competitive Sports

Sascha Gaveau

Raymond Fouillet 1
Head of Referees

Raymond Fouillet




Raymond Fouillet


Andres Trautmann (ad interim)


Saphira Iroegbu-Ceccel


Romain Béda


Christian Warzecha




Schweizerischer American
Football Verband (SAFV)
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UBS AG Zürich
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