recap from our general assembly


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Yesterday in the Haus des Sports in Ittigen delegates from the member associations of our federation met to review our performance and vote for board members & resolutions.

A large majority of our members voted in favor of reelecting Claudio Spescha for another year as President, and they also voted in new board members.

Following the retirement of several incumbents – Jessica Klostermeier will take over as Head of Flag for Fabio Gervasi, and Chris Rummel will take over as Head of Finance for Marcel Horber. We would like to thank Fabio and Marcel for their hard work and extend a warm welcome to Chris and Jessica.

Other board positions remain unchanged with Andres Trautmann, Gleb Iatsenia and Michel Strahl returning for another year in their positions.

Separately we have recently had a change in our paid personnel « office » with Thomas Sany retiring from his role in Tackle Operations and our colleague Sophia Haller raising her hand to take over his responsabilities. She takes over Tackle operations in addition to her existing role in Flag operations. We wish her all the best in this new double role.

Following these elections the new Board, our employees, and commissioners will already meet on Monday for their first board meeting to start working on strategies to help us meet a variety of objectives, including a road map for our Flag National team to have a chance at going to LA 2028, improvements to league funding and sponsors, and also further increases in transparency in our finances.